"How To Save Your Marriage:
Strong Enough To Win Back
Your Ex-Girlfriend, Too...
Lost the woman of your dreams because of one stupid mistake?
Having trouble holding your relationship - or your marriage - together?
All you need to do is read, and I'll show you how to do all of the following:

Build this 'reset button' into your relationship and you can start over after every mistake. I'll show you how to:

“If your partner ever loved you before, she can love you again!

“No matter how brutal your break-up fight or how messy your mistake: When you ‘rewind the clock’ on your relationship like this, you start over with a fresh, clean slate.

“And it’s so quick and easy: You’ll fix your relationship starting tonight. (Even if you cheated or had an affair...)

“In this free report you’re reading right now, I’ll tell you everything I know about saving a marriage on the rocks... keeping your relationship from breaking up... and even how to make your ex take you back. (Or make her come crawling back to you...)

“Give me your full attention for just ten minutes right now, and I guarantee I’ll save your relationship for you, in less than 60 days. Starting in just 15 minutes!

"Revealing The Myth:

The TRUTH About Love, Relationships
And How Easy It Is To Win Back Your Ex,
Or Even Save Your Marriage...

Maybe you feel this way, too:

Relationships are born, live and die the same as people... the same as plants... the same as any other living thing on this planet. (And if you've ever loved a “wild” woman, you know nothing makes you feel more “alive” than her!)

You fall in love... you get to know each other... you love each other on deeper levels than just the bonds of friendship... and sometimes... your relationship can even bring you the best happiness ever.

But sometimes, life gets in the way of your relationship. And you're torn away from the love of your life before your relationship hits that final, awesome level.

A few years ago, I noticed this “Life Getting In The Way of Your Relationship” doesn't happen all at once – it happens in three stages. Only one of which you notice, but the other two are just as deadly:

1) The first stage of your relationship is called "Bliss."

The first stage of your relationship is called “Bliss.” This is the stage in your relationship where EVERYTHING is perfect! Your love is strong, the sex is great and your partner just seems perfect for you. (This is the time when you're bragging about your love to your buddies, your family and anyone who will listen. It's also the time you're happiest together, and the hottest together, romantically...)

2) The second stage of your relationship is called "Switch."

The second stage of your relationship is called “Switch.” And it's called this because something changes in your relationship. Suddenly, your partner sees you as a real man, with real flaws. And she may even recognize you've made some very real mistakes. You're still cool together, and you have sex sometimes, but it feels like you've got to chase her for affection... when once, she chased YOU down for love.

3) The final stage of your relationship is called "Drift."

Couple Sitting

The final stage of your relationship is called “Drift.” And it's where she pulls away from you, either emotionally or physically or both. I call it “going cold.” You'll notice there's way less sex, talking to her seems to take more “effort” on your part and you start to feel angry... jealous... mistrustful... envious...

… And all the other negative emotions which destroy an otherwise healthy relationship!

These are the natural stages of EVERY relationship. And I guarantee your relationship will go – or it's already gone – from Bliss to Switch to Drift.

It's a force of nature – nothing can stop it!

“At least that's the way relationships used to be...

I've been dumped more times than any sane man would admit in public. And I was broken hearted after every single one of them. (If you know pain like I know pain... buddy... I feel for you. And if you're anything like me, you're plain fed up with it.)

So I changed how relationships work: I got rid of the “breaking up” and “feeling emotionally distant” stages of dating – and even marriage – for good.

Instead of going from Bliss to Switch to Drift... I tried my best to stay in Bliss. And I did that by watching my relationship like a HAWK!

The second something “Switched”... or me and Amber started “Drifting” apart... I stopped EVERYTHING until I found a way to get our relationship back to Bliss. Until I put “Those New Love Feelings” back in her heart. So she loved me just the way she did when we fell in love for the very first time.

And, after awhile, I discovered a few “tools” and “techniques” worked better than others. So I just used those, and quit using all the rest.

The most powerful tool was something I like to call “Rewinding” our relationship. Basically, I took her brain – emotionally – and turned back time. So she felt just as in love with me as she did BEFORE the fights... BEFORE the mistakes... and BEFORE our arguments ever happened.

(Scientists call this "reframing," I call this "rewinding" your relationship...)

When I did this right, it was almost as if those fights, mistakes and arguments never happened in the first place. It was as if she forgave me for them, then forgot about them - forever.

How did I do this? The “Big Secret” is actually quite simple.

Couple - Girl sitting on sofa, Guy standing

1) You gotta be honest with what stage your relationship is in.

If you act like you're both still “Blissfully” in love with each other... but really... your partner is slowly “Drifting” away... then you're never going to win her back.

It hurts to be this honest with yourself, but it's worth it. Because...

2) Then you use her feelings – based on your relationship stage – as LEVERAGE, to fix your relationship.

Or your marriage. Or get back together, if you've already broken up. (Which is just a bigger Drift. I'll tell you more about that in a minute.)

That's it. That's my “Big Secret.”

The rest of this special report – which is yours to read, for free, by the way – is me showing you exactly how to “Rewind” your relationship, the same way I rewound my relationship with Amber.

When you know my secrets – which, again, I'm gonna share for you RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! IN THIS WEB PAGE! - you'll know everything you need to know to bring your partner back to that “Honeymoon Phase” I call “Bliss.”

Where everything just feels right.

Even if you had MAJOR issues in your relationship: Like affairs... cheating... money troubles... family pressure... another man... even stress caused by work or living entire COUNTRIES away from each other.

This can all be fixed. This can all be “Rewound.” And I'm here to show you how.

Let's start with the most common question I get from guys who want to “Rewind” their relationships:

(we will cover all of your questions in this special report, I promise you...)

“What do you do if

you and your partner fight all the time, or
have already broken up?

Honestly? You consider yourself in a NORMAL relationship.

You're a normal couple. With normal problems and normal struggles.

Because more than 99% of all relationships go from Bliss to Switch to Drift. And then they end in break ups or divorce. Otherwise, everyone would marry their “first true love.”

(Or, as men, the first woman who let you kiss her on the lips.)

And to show you how true that is, I like to think about break-ups and divorces as if they were just giant fights, which got out of control:

They have the same emotional turmoil. And they're even caused by the same root problems.

In my mind – and I encourage you to think like this, as well – a break up or a divorce is just a fight which never really ended. A fight where neither you or the woman you love got a chance to heal.

This may sound like a bummer.

But knowing this is GREAT news! Because now that you know, you can avoid the disaster. Like when you know a hurricane's coming – you can just pack up and move.

Couple Sitting on a Sofa

You already know the secret to “dodging the hurricane” in your relationship: You want to bring your partner “Back To Bliss.” To make them feel those “New Love Feelings” for you, once again.

And you know we call this “Rewinding Your Relationship.” So let me show you how to make it happen...

“Here’s what to do when your partner is “Drifting Away” in your relationship...

When your partner is “Drifting Away” - or if you've already broken up (which means you've already “Drift-ED Away” from each other) your number one goal is the make her feel EXACTLY the same way she did, when she first fell in love with you.

(And you'll see me use the word “love” as that feeling you get when you like a woman as more than a friend, as well as that feeling you get when you know this woman is “The One.” They're different, I'll give you that. But when it comes to “Rewinding” your relationship, they both work for you in the exact same way.)

This means you have to give her butterflies! You have to make her heart race a little faster!

You have to make her look at you and think, “Wow. I'm SO lucky to be dating or married to this man!”

But that's not all: This “Bliss” feeling works on a much deeper, emotional level, too...

You can think of it this way: When you get together with a woman, you start out as two people – in my case, Amber and Ryan.

But after a few months, in our case a few YEARS, together... you “give birth” to this third person: “Amber AND Ryan.”

And this third person has a whole life of it's own. It's own character and it's own personality. Your relationship even has it's own HISTORY! Which includes stories about the first time you kissed, the first time you met, your very first date and the first time you made love.

This new “Relationship Personality” is what you have to fix, when you want to fix your relationship. Or win your ex back.

And the way you do this is: You remind her what it felt like when you two wrote the “New Love” section of your Relationship History, together.

And you do this using a crazy little technique I call, “The Perfect Date.”

Here's how to bring any woman on The Perfect Date:

Couple having a picnic

First, pick your Date Location.

It should bring her back to an earlier time in her life. Pick someplace which is LOADED with emotional juice, for her. (My favorite place to Perfect Date? The Amusement Park. Because the roller coasters get Amber VERY excited... and... bring her back to her innocent childhood.)

Next, while you're on “The Perfect Date”, you bring her Back to Bliss.

And like I showed you, it's very, very easy: You help her remember a time in her life when you two were newly in love. For example: If you won her a prize at an amusement park when you started dating – then now is a GREAT time to win her a similar prize.

And... for bonus points... name her new stuffed animal the EXACT SAME NAME as the stuffed animal you won for her months or years ago.

(How you choose to bring her back to Bliss will be up to you... but... I'll give you instructions, in just a minute...)

Finally, you end your “Perfect Date” with a “Perfect Night” together...

This includes a certain type of physical intimacy normally reserved for married couples. But even if you're not in a relationship right now – let's say you've broken up – I encourage you to.

Share the healing physical ecstasy, and put your mistakes behind you.

(It's proven: The chemical Oxytocin – released in great quantities through sex – can help you forget past mistakes and bond you together... in fact... it's sometimes it's called the “Cuddle Chemical!”)

Now that you've got your ex back – here's how to keep her...

“What to do AFTER you get your ex back...

Once you've got your ex-girlfriend or your ex-wife back, you need to make your relationship STICK! So you never get your heart broken, ever again.

It may seem impossible to you right now, but there's a tricky little secret...

To keep your relationship solid... find forgiveness... and erase all your past mistakes, all you have to do is make your partner say, “I Love You” after your Perfect Night together.

It's true:

Because saying “I Love You” may have been easy before you broke up, but it’s not the same after you get back together: When she admits her love for you after a Perfect Date, it bonds you on a deeper emotional level.

Gives you a “clean slate” to build your relationship on.

As well as a chance to “start over” with her, way back in Bliss.

There’s a game I played with Amber when we got back together - and one you can play with your ex, too - to make her say “I Love You” first.

It takes you just three minutes, and it starts when you say, “I love the way you kiss me...”

After a few minutes, your partner gets “that look” in her eye. And moments later, she confesses how she really feels for you. As if her emotions were new and so powerful, she can’t even control them.

Couple Smiling

“At this point, you’ve officially “Rewound” your relationship... back to the first time you two fell in love...
and you’re ready to start fresh, as if your break up (or your drifting apart) had never happened in the first place...

(And if your partner never said “I Love You” before you broke up, this is your chance to start over with a STRONGER relationship than the one you lost.)

“OK! Well... What if you want to save your marriage?

Your marriage should be a source of excitement, energy and passion. If it’s not, your marriage is Drifting away just like any other relationship.

And you need to take IMMEDIATE steps to save it!

“Rewinding” your marriage to an earlier time will give you all the passion, the fire and the love you need to bring back the Bliss in your marriage, as well as stop a separation and even reverse your divorce.

Here, let me prove it to you:

“What if you’re separated or divorced, and want to get back together with your ex?

Then you’ve Drifted completely. And you’re as far apart - physically and emotionally - as you can possibly be, as a couple.

Maybe your partner told you, “I love you, but I’m not IN love with you”... or they’ve given you another “Marriage Counselor Excuse.” (I believe most marriage counselors are EVIL! And I’ll tell you why in just a minute...)

Or maybe you’ve been pushed apart by money troubles... family struggles... friends giving you constant pressure... or maybe the realities of being married caught up to you, and you simply weren’t ready to deal with them, day-in and day-out.

(If either you or your partner had an affair, I’ve written a different section to help you out. It’s called, “The Cheating Recovery Kit.” And I invite you to read that section as well, to help you get over this painful marriage mistake. But first, take a look at these steps you'll take to get back together with her...)

The good news is this: Your marriage is just a relationship, no different than BILLIONS of other couples. Yes, marriage is much tougher - and lasts much longer - but marriages break up for the same emotional reasons as any other relationship.

You just have ten times as long to make all the same mistakes.

So the same Perfect Dates... the same I Love You Game... will make your wife chase after you like a puppy dog in love. Or make your ex-wife come back, begging to be with you. As mushy with romance as if it were Valentine’s Day, all year long.

Which reminds me...

“What if you’re still married, but you’ve lost the romance?
Couple leaning against the wall

“A loveless marriage is a prison cell,” my mother told me. She would know: She was trapped in a loveless marriage until I was thirteen years old. When my father took off and left her forever.

Fortunately, you don't have to suffer through a loveless marriage. Or a sexless marriage. You can avoid both, when you know what to look for.

And you can bring the passion... the romance... back to your relationship, with the tricks I'll show you, today:

The secret is psychology discovered in the 1960's, but hidden from Marriage and Relationship Counselors. (Mostly because they're too lazy to look.) It's called the “Goal Self Image.” And it's the key to fire, passion and romance in your marriage.

Here’s exactly how it works:

Inside everyone - even you - you have a mental image of yourself. It's not an accurate image of you, however... It looks the way you’d look if you ran the world, and could be ANYONE you wanted to be.

This miniature, ideal version of you is called your Goal Self Image. Or your “GSI”, for short.

Sometimes your GSI is bolder than you... stronger than you... kinder than you... or more at peace with your feelings and thoughts...

Sometimes your GSI is an actor... a writer... a manager at your company... or any other “job title” you wish to have...

… But - no matter what your GSI is - the secret to bringing back the romance in your relationship is knowing your GSI exists! And knowing your partner has a GSI, too.

(Even though she hides it from EVERYONE – even her closest friends...)

“Here's how you're going to use

the Goal Self Image's MASSIVE emotional power to fuel passion and romance in your relationship:

Couple gazing at each other

You’re going to discover your partner’s GSI: You'll play a game called, “You Tell Me, And I’ll Tell You.”

And here are the simple rules:

Just tell your partner: “I've always had this crazy dream... but I never had the courage to chase it. Did you ever have a dream like that?” And when she says Yes, you tell her, “OK. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

Her answer will be her Goal Self Image nine times out of ten.

All you do now is support her GSI using the techniques I share with you in my new book, “Relationship Rewind.” (It has step by step directions for EVERYTHING we've talked about here, today, including Rewinding your Relationship. And I'll show you how to claim your copy in just a minute.)

But first...

“Here's How Supporting Her Goal Self Image

Brings The Passion Back To Your Relationship...

When you support your partner's Goal Self Image, you give her a gift nobodies given her before. Most likely, not even her parents.

You give her hope... love... nurturing... support... all the positive emotions you need in a healthy relationship. And from this great new emotional foundation, romance seeps back into your relationship, naturally.

(And all you did was play an easy game, with one rule... All the GSI “tricks” take fifteen minutes – or less!)

You shouldn’t stop there, though: Because with the right guidance, your partner can support your GSI, too.

So you can have the support YOU need to achieve your Goal Self Image. And this mutual support will grow and grow until your relationship is stronger than ever before!

But your partner's GSI isn't just used to bring back “romance” to your relationship...

“What if you’re stuck in a
little-sex or no-sex marriage?

You simply support your partner's GSI. And also give her a CHALLENGE!

Mix those two, and you'll turn your partner on faster than you ever thought possible.

In fact, don't be surprised if she wants even more sex than you! Because when you wake up her sexual desire, you're waking up a desire that's been building and building for years.

You'll add a challenge – and save your sexless marriage – as simple as this:

1) Change the way you talk to your partner. And 2) change the way you touch her.

It's easy:

Couple sitting on a bed

Great sex – and great sexual desire – is all about the “push and pull” between you and your partner.

You can call this “Chemistry”... or you can call it the balance between masculine and feminine energies. Ancient Chinese philosophy calls it the Yin and the Yang.

However, we're simply going to call it “A Sexual CHALLENGE.”

Challenge your woman, and you'll have more sex... hotter sex... more often. (As a bonus: You'll “cheat proof” your relationship, too. Since no woman cheats on her man for great sex, when she already has great sex and LOVE from you, at home.)

The secret is this:

All it takes is the right words, or the right touch, applied in the right way, at exactly the right moment. And I'll show you how:

Let me give you all the tools you need to rewind your relationship. Including how to discover and support her Goal Self Image. As well as bring her on The Perfect Date.

I've written down step by step instructions in my new book, “Relationship Rewind.”

And after you read it just once, you'll know everything there is to know about having a happy, healthy relationship. Because you'll know exactly what makes your relationship feel really good and how to avoid what feels really bad.

And your solid, passionate relationship will be the “Role Model” for every one of your friends and family.

“Here’s Everything You Need To Know

To Rewind Your Relationship:

As you’ve plainly seen, “Rewinding” your relationship with the Perfect Date is the key to a long, lasting and loving relationship. Especially in these stressful times.

And stimulating your partner’s GSI - aka. their Goal Self Image - is the key to romance, passion and a physically fulfilling relationship. (As well as reversing a sexless marriage - forever)

The trouble is - no one’s talking about these two amazing concepts.

In fact, ask any board-certified marriage counselor, “What’s going on inside my partner’s HEAD?”

... and they’ll give you a blank, emotionless stare.

They're STEALING YOUR MONEY, and giving you little more than “common sense” advice!

That's why I believe most Marriage Counselors do more harm than good. And Relationship Counselors are even worse.

(Relationship “Gurus”... “Dating Experts”... I've even heard of Relationship Wing-Men... They're all fancy titles for just one thing: Someone who's never been hurt so bad, they couldn't roll out of bed in the morning.)

That's why I wrote my book, “Relationship Rewind.” Because I believe you have the RIGHT to know what really works to save your relationship... to help you win back and start over with your ex... and to re-ignite the passion in your relationship. (Even if you're the only one trying, right now)

It’s a short book - about one hundred pages long. And the steps you’ll take are small as well, because they're mixed with ZERO “fluff”:

Couple Hugging

1) You can take your first step in fifteen minutes.
(You'll discover a plan for winning her back. You'll just read, I've done all the work for you...)

2) Your second step in fifteen seconds. (You'll send a text... an email... or pick up the phone...)

3) And your final step within fifteen days. (You'll go on your Perfect Date with her...)

And every relationship I've used Relationship Rewind on has not only been SAVED in these three, easy stages... they've all been brought back, stronger than ever. And all in less than 60 days.

Which is how I can guarantee you'll save your relationship... get back together with your ex... save yourself from a sexless marriage... and achieve anything else I've promised you in this special report in less than 60 days or your money back.

More about that in just a second... but first...

First, let me show you what else this amazing book can do for you...

“What else can Relationship Rewind Do For You?

• If you just got married - Congratulations! You can keep your honeymoon phase going for up to three times longer than your average couple: You'll simply “Rewind” your relationship after your first fight. This keeps your “Honeymoon Night” passion from burning out, by supporting your partner’s GSI!

• If you have kids - You cherish every private moment as a couple. But you rarely get them for more than 15 minutes. That’s why I’ve included quick, 15-minute pick-me-ups you can use to make the most of your brief time together.

• If you’re “just friends” but you want to be more - The truth is, your relationship has already “Drifted” apart. Just treat your friend as if she was your ex. And sooner than you can possibly believe, this woman - who never thought of you romantically, before - will chase you down for romantic companionship. And you can transform her attention into any relationship you desire.

(I've got to give a big shout out to Matt, who discovered Relationship Rewind could be used in this way. I had no idea, until he showed me the light. And now my single buddies can't use it enough. To get girlfriends, turn their friends into relationships and even meet women for one night stands...)

• If you’re a “Non-Traditional” couple - whether you’re a homosexual couple, or you live an alternative lifestyle - you can “Rewind” your relationship to make your partner fall back in love with you, too. Because whichever gender or lifestyle you’re interested in, sexually, all the same emotions drive us, romantically.

And believe it or not - “Rewinding” your relationship lowers your stress: A Corporate Stress Study done in 2005 shows our highest sources of stress are work, money and relationships. I can help you eliminate all three sources of stress:

• If you’re stressed about work “politics” - Try supporting your boss’ Goal Self Image. This won’t make him romantically interested in you... it’s simply the perfect type of corporate flattery.

• If you’re stressed about your bills - Ask your partner to support your GSI. The only “scientific” thing happy people have in common is their ability to focus on one, major goal. Even when times are tough. With your partner to help you keep your eye on the prize, this month’s rent won’t seem like an impossible obstacle.

• If you’re stressed about your relationship - Flip to Chapter 1 and figure out WHY your relationship just doesn’t “feel right.” Then flip to Chapter 2 and follow the instructions. Your relationship stress will be gone within the week. And it will stay lower for the rest of your life!

And... after you read Relationship Rewind just once... you'll also know:

  • How to use sex to tame your partner...
  • How cheating can make your relationship stronger...
  • The most dangerous way to talk to your partner (and how to turn this fury into passion in a heartbeat...)
  • How to make your partner dream about you, whenever you want...
  • How to make her miss you...
  • Who should pay – and when – to create a balanced relationship...
  • How to keep from being “pussy whipped” when you finally Rewind your relationship...
  • The Silent Relationship Slayer – This mistake has taken the lives of thousands of happy relationships, yet you'd never know until it's already over...
  • How to win your ex back from another man...
  • How to say “Goodbye” to your woman's “mood swings” for good...
  • Texts to send right before bed, which bring your partner back to Bliss...
  • How to apologize without looking like a wuss...
  • 4 perfect ways to compliment your woman, so she feels sexy and you don't look weak...
  • How to make her REALLY listen to you...
  • How to feel loved in a lonely relationship – or a great relationship gone bad...
  • ... And more. MUCH more!

    “How to download your copy of Relationship Rewind:
    The Most Interesting Book About Relationships Ever Written!

    I set aside a copy of Relationship Rewind for you. And if you’d like to download it, all you have to do is click the big yellow button below, right now. And then fill in your information on the following page.

    And because I set aside your copy already, I won't ask you to pay full price for it, either...

    “Relationship Rewind Is ON SALE

    For 39.95 For A Few Days Only..

    (That’s A 30% Savings Over It’s Regular Price!)

    You deserve the best information out there. And you deserve a great bargain.

    Most “Save Your Marriage” or “Get Your Ex Back” programs will set you back $200.00... $300.00... even $500.00 - or more! And they’re collections of common sense ideas.

    Or worse - they’re watered down marriage counseling!

    Did you know, two years after they finish relationship counseling, 25% of all couples hate each other more than they did before they met their Marriage Counselor?

    Even worse: 38% are divorced less than four years later!

    I was shocked! Until I interviewed a Marriage Counselor for myself. And I discovered a disturbing, disgusting fact...

    “Ever Wonder
    What's Secretly Going On
    In Your Marriage Counselor's Head?

    He worries, “I wonder if I'm the only one failing my clients... None of them seem to be getting any happier...”

    (Unfortunately, this quote was taken straight from a recent survey...)

    But instead of quitting – or even retiring – they just keep on giving out bad advice!

    ... And they charge you THOUSANDS of dollars for it!

    Relationship Rewind is the only book which shows you - in plain English - how to get your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife back... how to start over with your marriage... even how to get a second chance to win your partner back after a messy divorce.

    Using proven, scientific and TESTED techniques like the Perfect Date and your Goal Self Image to Rewind your relationship back to Bliss.

    That's why I feel comfortable offering you this amazing book for only 39.95. You can even download Relationship Rewind unlimited times – so you can share it with your family and friends.

    And you save more than just money, I guarantee you will save your relationship.

    To make sure of it, I've put together four free gifts for you. Which you can download and read whenever you want, for no extra charge whatsoever:

    Free Gift #1:

    “Better Sex, More Often:

    6 Ways To Create Sexual Chemistry
    To Bring The Passion Back Into your
    Marriage Or Relationship”

    Did you know the greatest sex of your life has more in common with your high school chemistry class than it has in common with porn or any “how to” sex tape?

    It’s true: Scientists have discovered five “Pleasure Chemicals” responsible for every “feel good” emotion:

    * Just one is responsible for sexual arousal AND the strength of your orgasm...

    * Another can give you “a sense of euphoria” as well as - and this is a scientific term - “Hyper Arousal”...

    * And the others can increase your partner’s trust... make either one of you immune to fear (for a limited time, of course)...

    … Even “train” your partner to give you a stronger orgasm!

    The best part is: You can flood her bloodstream with dose after dose of these feel good chemicals EASILY! Just plan the right date... or take guitar lessons together... or touch your partner in this specific way, seconds after she has an orgasm.

    When I discovered these “Pleasure Chemicals”, I wrote them down in a small black notebook. And I wrote down six ways to trigger them as well. (They all take less than 10 seconds to plan).

    Now you can have this notebook, to use with your partner:

    It’s called, “Better Sex, More Often: 6 Ways To Create Sexual Chemistry To Bring The Passion Back Into your Marriage Or Relationship” and it’s my free gift to you, when you download your copy of Relationship Rewind today.

    There are some more free gifts I’d like to give you, as well. Including...

    Free Gift #2:

    “Lover's Jiu-Jitsu:

    How To Keep Disagreements Short, Civil
    And End Them With Makeup Sex”

    The key to short, peaceful disagreements is a technique I call, “Planting The Peace Tree Seed.”

    And here's how it works:

    After your next fight, tell your partner this:

    “I’m glad we talked about this problem, because I could tell it was putting a wall up between us. And I love how we can be so open and honest with each other. Just promise me one thing: We’ll never be one of those couples who fight for no reason... because I love how we can get past our problems like adults.”

    Then, next time you and your partner fight, tell her this:

    “Remember when we talked about keeping our disagreements from blowing up into big fights? Let’s take a second to cool down, then come back and talk about this.”

    When you and your partner come back to talk, you’ll both be composed, and less emotional. So your fights will be tame, and last just a few minutes.

    Over the years, I've picked up more “Fight Management Techniques” than just the Peace Tree Seed, however...

    One of my favorites is the ONLY way guaranteed to end every fight you have with make up sex.

    Which - and obviously it's just plain fun - heals your relationship, bonds you both together emotionally, and can give you forgiveness for past “sins” up to one year old!

    You can even use make up sex to prevent future fighting, with the right “Pillow Talk” techniques, which I'll show you. For example:

    * How to avoid grudges for good – and find forgiveness when you accidentally cause one...

    * How to see through your partner's eyes, so she never confuses you with “woman talk” every again...

    * Step by step directions to end every fight between your woman's legs...

    ... And more.

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