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If there was ever a 'time machine' for your relationship, you've found it.

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"The One Big LIE About Breakups..."

Figure 1. The most dangerous advice for getting your lover back is to have 'no contact' and cut off all interaction with them. The problem is, this strategy FORCES your ex to meet someone new, just so they can get over the relationship quicker! Read below to discover something that works much better.

It's quite shocking, actually...

Because most 'professional' advice on how to get your ex back will tell you to have 'no contact' with your ex for some period of time - usually no less than 30 days.

...and during that time, you should work on 'improving yourself'.

And if you've tried that, then you already know that it's darn near IMPOSSIBLE to focus on improving yourself when the only thing you can think about is the one person you miss so much.

What's worse, is that by cutting off contact with your ex (even temporarily), you sacrifice any bond you had already spent developing.  

And that's no exaggeration. You see, when I went through a breakup with the woman I loved, I tried the 'no contact' thing.

And guess what happened...

She thought I wasn't interested, went out with a few girlfriends, and MET ANOTHER GUY!

So don't delay, because time is of the essence!  In fact, the longer you wait to take action, the more likely your partner is to lose interest and meet someone else.

She may not even want to! But because you're not reaching out, she may think she has to move on! Ill say that again, She May Be Waiting For You!!  In fact, the longer you wait to take action, the more likely your partner is to lose interest and meet someone else.

Unfortunately, I learned it the hard way. But hopefully, the secrets you learn inside this website will help you avoid the pain and suffering that robbed me of happiness for several years.

Please, don't make the same mistake I did. Take control of your situation and get the answer you're looking for.

The Shocking Discovery That Helped Me Get MY Ex Back... For GOOD

Let me make one thing clear...

I am by no means a 'professional'.  I don't have a degree in psychology, and I'm not a certified relationship counselor. I haven't spent years with my nose buried in college textbooks.

I'm just an average guy who tried EVERYTHING to get my ex back, who accidentally stumbled into a simple secret something that worked for me, and worked for several of my friends much better than anything else they have ever tried.

And I wish I could tell you it's some kind of magic line you can say to instantly compel your partner to beg their way back into your life. I wish there was a rare breed of flower who's scent was so wonderful they would come crying back into your arms. I wish it was a poem that made your partner fall in love, no matter how long ago you parted ways...

...But unfortunately, life doesn't work exactly the same as it does in the movies.

Yes, it will take some planning, perhaps a date or two... But most importantly, you need to genuinely want your partner back in your life.

The good news is, if you have the dedication I'm talking about, I believe anything is possible. And here's the secret:

What I've discovered is... when a relationship fails -- and I mean EVERY relationship -- it doesn't matter if you're in a 30-year marriage or only had a single week of fleeting romance... All breakups go through the same 4 stages, in the same order, every time.

And here they are:

The 4 Stages Of 'Relationship Decay'
1. Bliss
2. The Switch
3. Drift
4. Death's Door

Figure 2. The 4 Stages Of Relationship Decay. Every relationship no matter how long or short, when it starts going downhill, it goes through the same 4 stages, in order, every time. I believe the KEY to getting your lover back is to know exactly what stage your relationship is in, right now. IMPORTANT: If your ex is seeing someone else right now it does NOT necessarily mean you're at Death's Door. Many times, it is just a test.

When You're In Bliss, It Seems Like You'll Be Happy Forever

The first stage that happens when two people really like each other is called Bliss.  

You know you're in Bliss when you wake up happy every morning, the days seem brighter and food always tastes better.

Figure 3.The first stage of any relationship is called 'Bliss'. It's those 'new love feelings' and the butterflies you feel when you're together. Identifying your moments of Bliss is KEY to triggering the Rewind process.

Bliss can last for any length of time, but it's not the length of time that's important.

Here's what is:

There's one thing that makes Bliss different from all the other stages. In the Bliss stage, you experience something called 'emotional mirroring'.

Emotional mirroring is the phenomenon of transferring emotions back and forth with your partner, and is caused by 'mirror neurons' in the brain.

And here's how it works:

If you move in for a kiss, your partner will kiss you passionately.

And if you know, without a shadow of a doubt your partner is THE ONE, this same feeling will be reflected back to you... And your partner will be yours FOREVER.

In fact, the feelings can be so intense, they will often experience 'bliss blindness'.  That means, your partner will often ignore things that would otherwise be obstacles to the relationship.

For example, your partner will overlook your physical type, the long distance between the two of you, and criticism they hear from family and friends.

If you're a man who is broke or lost his job, she'll tell her friends 'happiness isn't about money!'

If you're a woman who's a little bit emotional, he'll tell people 'she's so sweet and feminine!'

"They say love is blind, but Bliss OWNS THE MIND."

Sounds great right?

Well if you can keep your partner in Bliss, sure...  It's perfect.

But the reality is, a person's chances of keeping their partner in Bliss forever are pretty slim without the right knowledge.

Because sooner or later, you end up doing something (most likely by accident) that causes your partner to QUESTION their feelings for you...

How Emotional Mirroring
Can Affect Your

In November of 2007, scientists discovered that the same brain cells that fire when you move your body also fire when you observe someone else perform that same action.

In "The Neuroscience of Love", Dr. Sue Johnson writes “We now know that when we are paying a certain kind of attention, [to our partner] our brains respond as if we are acting and feeling the exact same thing... We've found that it is in the moments when partners perceive that the other feels their pain... that wounds are forgiven and healed."

When you're in the Bliss stage, mirror neurons are the primary reason why your partner will experience intense feelings of love and connection with you, simply because YOU ARE IN LOVE, yourself.

And You Notice A Major Change In Your Lover's Behavior...

The change may happen very quickly, perhaps over the course of a couple days, or in many cases it could have taken much longer...

Either way, you did *something* that caused your lover to go into a state of uncertainty...   It could have been something you said that conflicted on a very deep level with your partner, and made them think you weren't worthy of their love and affection.

Figure 4. "The Switch" is a natural stage when one partner becomes unsure about the relationship. It could feel like they have become 'hot and cold' or 'moody'. And if something isn't done quickly, the relationship will eventually progress into the 'Drift' stage.

And when it happened, you might have felt like you were being 'tested' because your lover was no longer sure about being with you.

This stage is called "The Switch".   And when your relationship decays to this stage, your partner loses their 'Bliss Blindness' and becomes much more critical of your imperfections.

The actions your partner used to think were cute or sweet have now become a major turn-off.

It might seem like the harder you try, the more distant your partner becomes.

What used to make your partner laugh, now annoys them.  The hobbies you once enjoyed, are no longer interesting.

And it's often frustrating when you realize the shocking truth...

The same things your partner LOVED in Bliss, push them AWAY in Switch!

That's why most people NEVER get their ex back... Even if you show how much you truly care... And it's not because sharing your feelings is bad...

It's because...

What Your Lover Wants Will CHANGE, When They're In A Different STAGE!

When I realized this, it was like a light bulb went off in my head... 

Once your relationship enters a new stage of the breakup, their needs and desires will CHANGE.

That's why the first step and KEY to getting your partner back is to figure out which stage your partner is in.  

Once you figure out the stage, you'll know which 'button' rewinds the relationship.

In other words, you'll know which contact method will work best (i.e. a phone call, a text message, or maybe a written letter) and you'll know what to say to make your partner start missing you again.

Relationship Rewind is not a magic trick.

It's a simple plan you follow, based on the exact stage of your relationship. It's designed for both men and women, and it's compatible with all 4 stages of relationship decay.

...And I'm quite proud that it's the only system that can do this.

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Do You Know The 4 Stages Of A Breakup?

Knowing What Stage Your Partner Is In Is the KEY To Getting Them BACK...

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